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Established in 2006 Chocolate Beige (previously Chocolate Beige Designs) was originally created as an online presence for my artwork, predominately large scale multi canvas acrylic paintings for builders display homes and their building clients.


After being approached by a local photographer in 2009 to design wedding albums Chocolate Beige unexpectedly gained momentum

in a whole new direction. With two young boys and a brand new white interior home a digital outlet for my creative talents seemed like a much less messy, smelly and family friendly idea then mixing paints and trying to find safe places for canvases to dry out of the reach of little fingers and curious minds.


Throw into the mix my love of books, design and more recently technology and Chocolate Beige's new direction fast became my passion and I cleaned off my paint brushes for the last time in 2009. Devoting my full attention to learning everything possible about albums, album design and working in the photography industry. Fast forward to today and albums, album design and album education are so much a part of my life I can’t really remember what it was like living a life covered in paint and washing brushes at the end of each day.


Chocolate Beige is now a hub of album knowledge and a community of photographers passionate about providing their clients with beautiful albums.  Offering a boutique range of albums and album design I work with professional photographers and retail clients alike to design beautiful albums that are a reflection of your clients, yourself, your brand or your family.


Photographers and their studio’s come in all shapes and sizes big, little, professional, casual, full time, part time, complete packages, digital only, the scope of a successful photography studio is broad and varied. Hence why Chocolate Beige offers a range of different ways to implement albums into your photography business, including a select range of albums and album design options for photographers who love to include albums in their packages. Alternatively our Slideshow Albums, are perfect for photographers happy doing the digital thing but who still want their clients to have the opportunity to have a beautiful album. As photographers each have their own unique approach to their business, I am always looking for ideas on how they can best accomodate albums within their studio, so if you have an idea of how you would like to implement albums into your business please send me an email, I love a challenge.


2017 saw Chocolate Beige add the retail world to the mix, providing albums and album design directly to everyday people looking for professional quality albums and custom album design for their precious images. With a separate business structure for both photographers and retail it is warming to know that Chocolate Beige now provides professional quality custom designed albums to all.


Life, family, love and adventure are precious and albums preserve these special moments to not only share with the people we love but to tell our story to future generations, this is why I love albums, this is why I love what I do and this is why I believe everyone should have an album.




Thank you to the following friends and clients of Chocolate Beige for the use of your beautiful images in building this website.
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